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Alpha Edge Infratech is a Real Estate company that prioritizes the client's satisfaction as its primary goal by providing them quality real estate services. Our intention of creating a healthy environment for the investors to make them feel absolutely comfortable and secure while investing their money in the real estate domain is what keeps us going. We are revolutionizing the real estate market by being the best in the industry on all the parameters of real estate era; not only does our team encompass expertise in all the verticals of the real estate, but it also has a firm grasp on understanding the tactics of the market. By making the entire process of owning, selling or investing in properties a safe and happy experience for you, we're changing the way investors look at the concept of investing. We make things easy for you.

Somya Chopra: Founder of Alpha Edge Infratech​

Somya Chopra, Founder of Alpha Edge Infratech is experienced in global occupier services, asset services, investment management, project & development services, capital markets and facility services. Her name is counted among the most successful young realtors of Delhi NCR when it comes to Valuation & Advisory Real Estate Project Management. She always wanted to implement her learnings in the growth of our economy which is driven by the Real Estate sector and create unique initiatives in luxury properties with the aim of revolutionizing the real estate industry with transparency and more awareness of the right investment.

Her vision & mission includes Bringing Back the glory of real estate by Meet, networking and joining forces with trendsetters, innovators and smart entrepreneurs. She wants to give voice to women and made them visible. A more broad-based, philosophical feminism that values talent, focus, and the ability to listen more broadly will be at the forefront of changes within the profession of Real Estate.

Over the years, together with her leadership and hospitality, this woman on board across all levels has generated value by broadening the market vision, enhancing board dynamics, inspiring female stockholders, and giving the youth a platform to develop the subsequent wave of successful leaders. The years of her journey of empowerment have given her the title of many awards corresponding to her contribution to revolutionizing the real estate industry as:

  • Real Super Women Award by Forever star India awards
  • The Indian Women Talent Award
  • Women of the decade in innovation & Enterprise
  • Women leadership award for excellence in Real Estate
  • India inc’s Rising women leaders
  • Women in leadership excellence award
  • Young Women Business Achiever
  • Star Performer Awards, Iconic Achiever Award
  • Most inspiring women in India award by the Asian literature
  • The Global Business Tycoon award of the year
  • The India Prime Icon award for top CEO of the year
  • Top 50 Entrepreneurs of the year 2022


Alpha Edge Infratech, established in Delhi NCR, is fully committed to the cause of its clients. Our mission is as realistic and aspirational as it can get: we want to work on a module that is investment-friendly for everyone. Our sincere efforts are driven in the direction of creating an ethical, transparent and dynamic platform to provide more awareness about the Real Estate Industry across all levels, both nationally and internationally. As we have witnessed immense growth in India’s real estate sector due to infrastructure development in the form of residential, office spaces, and commercial real estate, we are determined to provide tailored solutions to your custom requirements. 


Our vision is to create a healthy environment for the investors so that they can feel absolutely comfortable and secure while investing their money in the real estate domain. By adhering to the principle of  trust in transparency, we work hard to ensure that the investors get the maximum profits with minimum liquidity. Alpha Edge Infratech is wholeheartedly dedicated to the cause of making the entire process of owning, selling or investing in properties a convenient, joyous, and a profitable experience. We, as a team, collectively envisage creating smart creators, innovators and entrepreneurs of the future.

Framework for the Real Estate

framework of the real estate - Alpha Edge Infratech

Over the last decade or so, the framework of the Real Estate Sector has changed significantly.  Traditional as well as youthful investors are now realizing that there is a dynamic need to shift to the changing technology landscape in order to stay relevant in the industry. Needless to say, digitalization has made the entire world globally more versatile and curious in its approaches and in order to keep up with the fiercely competitive market, it is crucial to adapt to the diversified needs of the clients and the customers.

Alpha Edge Infratech is a Real Estate Company in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR based on the tradition of reliability and transparency, takes full cognizance of the requirements of the real estate industry and is ready to step up into the industry with absolute sincerity and complete background research. It is rightly said that the future belongs to those who rolex replica are able to transform themselves according to the transforming structure of the industry and we, at Alpha Edge Infratech, are ready to combat the challenges that might accrue in the times to come with our expertise, exposure and experience.

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