Somya Chopra Top 50 Entrepreneurs of the year 2022
Somya Chopra -Top 50 Entrepreneurs of the year 2022

Honoured with Top 50 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2022

Somya Chopra - Real Estate Expert

Honoured with Global Business Tycoon of the Year by Meenakshi Lekhi, Minister of State for External Affairs​

Somya Chopra
Somya Chopra

Honoured with India Prime Icon Award by FoXCLUES for Top CEO of the Year

Real Super woman - somya chopra
Somya Chopra

Honoured with The Real Super Woman Award by Forever Star India


Honoured with Indian Women Talent Award for Women Entrepreneur of the Year​

Honoured with Inspiring Women Award for Women Enterpreneur of the Year​