To know Real Estate Market Trends is to Move Ahead in the Game: Somya Chopra

June 24, 2022

Out of all the viable options available for the sake of making safe and secure investments in the present times, the domain of real estate has always emerged as the best one for more than one reason. And why should this not be the case?  Since the time has been testimonial of how it has always combatted economic recession, inflation, as well as pandemics, people’s sentiments are more inclined towards making sound choices and staying away from taking financial risks, to the best of their capabilities.

Now that it has been established that investment in the real estate market is the wisest decision you can make in terms of managing finances, the next obvious question is ‘how to achieve the same. With a flood of unorganized information on multiple platforms, the people who are new to the domain of investment are easily confounded and confused. The only way to escape uncertainty and to make confident decisions while making mindful investments is to be aware of that the existing real market trends and this is precisely what Somya Chopra, a leading pioneer in the domain of Real Estate Advisory, believes. She is one of the opinions that having adequate knowledge about the various verticals and their explicit and latent value can help you stay ahead of the game by always making informed decisions.

Commercial Property Price Appreciation

So, what are those pertinent real estate market trends in the present times and where do people’s inclination, trust, and reliability lie? If the dependable sources are to be believed, the real estate sector is going to increase by a ratio of 15-18 million square feet by 2025! This number speaks volumes about the immense popularity it enjoys amongst the investors presently. Since the investments in real estate are highly transparent, people are preferring it over other experimental modes of investment, such as cryptocurrency. Real estate is not susceptible to short-term changes and hence people can doubtlessly invest their money in the sector without worrying much. Moreover, since most of the commercial, residential as well as SCO properties are certified by the respective state governments, there’s an increasing sense of security and safety associated with it. It is worthwhile to note here that ready-to-move-in properties and commercial properties are more preferred by buyers in the post-pandemic era. One another important aspect that has to be highlighted here is that SCO, i. e. Shop cum Office commercial retail spaces are gaining unprecedented popularity. With preleased properties dominating the market with the highest demand rate, people are also driven toward real estate because of the long lease period readily accessible.

The property’s value is appreciated considerably, given that you keep your money invested in it for a considerable time. Somya Chopra, who herself is a founder of a leading Real Estate Company in Delhi NCR, also suggests they “fairly consulting the experts in the industry can significantly help you crack the best deals and best offers in the right time”. Currently, properties in North India, Gurgaon, and Noida are highly preferred owing to the robust connectivity and an array of services and amenities that they offer. Deen Dayal plots in Gurgaon are the best examples of such kind of properties where one can get plots at an affordable price with the Deen Dayal scheme started by the Government of Haryana. All of these factors do contribute to the process of appreciation and investors can easily maximize their profits only if they keep a regular eye on the most desirable properties in the town!

Known for delivering goal-oriented results, the winner of the Young Business Achiever Award, Somya Chopra also discusses the aspects of safety and security while buying her properties. In her words: “First thing first, verify if the architectural set up has been approved. Many times, it has been observed that builders sell faulty or unapproved properties to the investors or buyers and the latter has to bear the grunt of the same”. Moreover, you’ve to be vigilant about the background of the vicinity and measure how the other properties have been performing in terms of great returns and profits. With bank loan facilities readily available for making investments in the real estate sector, it’s important to be thorough with the terms and conditions.

Since Investment in real estate does offer various benefits as has been clarified, people flock to make investments in the sector. It is therefore exceedingly important to study all the data about the safety and security measures carefully so that you do not end up making any blunders. If you need any assistance in terms of how to invest, where to invest, and when to invest, you can directly get in touch with Somya Chopra and her highly efficient team and be absolutely carefree as your concerns, queries, and feedback will be well taken care of!